Apply Volt has expertise in developing FPGA based designs using devices ranging from low density CPLDs to multi-million gate FPGAs/ SOCs. Our design team has profound experience working with FPGAs from leading vendors. Our end-to-end capability in FPGA design and quick development cycle positions us to be the right partner for any FPGA based design activity. Our FPGA design services includes:

  • RTL and Test bench design (VHDL/ Verilog)
  • Functional and timing simulation
  • Resource optimization (Logic, I/O, Speed)
  • IP core development
  • ASIC prototyping in FPGA


We are committed to provide a comprehensive solution portfolio in terms of an easy and affordable access to the necessary design library resources for pursuing their R & D and Student Project Activities in the VLSI Digital ASIC, Soc and Mixed Signal Domains.

Our portfolio offers resources over the entire spectrum of VLSI Chip Design Life Cycle to the academia, covering the following:

  • Custom Digital IC Design and Verification
  • Custom Analog/ Mixed Signal Design and Verification
  • Digital ASIC Design and Verification